Equine Transport

Equine Transport

Copex is an experienced partner when it comes to transporting horses for private owners as well as commercial stables. In addition to our core values of integrity, quality and sustainable business practices, the health and welfare of your horses is also paramount during their transport. Whether your animals are transported by road or air we always use climate controlled compartments. 'The Copex Way' stands for professional and animal-friendly transport.

At Copex, you can opt for a 'stable to stable' service. This means that we take care of the entire transport process from A to Z. Customs declarations, import and export formalities, inspections and quarantine: we fastidiously manage every part of the process. We can also provide a groom if necessary.
Thanks to our excellent relationships with transporters, airlines and airport services all over the world, we are able to elevate equine transport to a higher level.

In addition to our concern for your livestock, we also attach great importance to caring for our environment. We have therefore developed a CO2 compensation programme in order to compensate for pollution caused during transport. We offer a choice of two compensation variants: CO2  neutral and climate neutral. The former compensates only the emitted CO2, while the latter compensates all greenhouse gases.

Copex is a member of IPATA, a network of companies that specialise in transporting animals. We are also a member of ATA, an international non-profit organisation, which advocates the safe and animal-friendly transport of animals by land, sea and air.

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Copex organizes the transport of horses. During transport the horses are accompanied by professional grooms. The grooms we hire have many years of experience in the equestrian world and working with horses during transport to and from the...


Should my horse wear shoes during the journey?

As a general rule, it is safer for your horse and its handlers to have the hind shoes removed for shipping.

Is there any age limit up to which my horse can be transported by air?
There is no set age limit up to...

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