Delfts Blue vase to Shanghai?

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Delfts Blue vase to Shanghai?

How does one bring a vase to Shanghai?

The world of logistics is full of unexpected challenges. Fortunately, we are used to this at Copex.

We arrange fast, seamless and efficient transportation worldwide for all of your valuable artworks – and for any other personal treasures of solely sentimental value. Do you have a logistics issue? We’re up to taking on the challenge.

The Delfts Blue vase, a typical Dutch object d’art, has to be transported with care. During the international journey to Shanghai we ensure the vase’s safety. The vase is insured and shipped in solid, robust packaging. Naturally, you will be choosing an environmentally friendly transportation manner when you choose us.

But we will be glad to transport any quantity of personal treasures – all in the most climate-neutral manner possible, of course.